I do not know anyone who has not taken my mother’s heart. The pain of a mother who can not do anything for her child is beyond pain. Through Facebook, a mother appeals to the unjust suffering and the circumstances of two children who spend the same hellish days as the rare intractable disease that they acquired after joining the military toward the world, the state and the Ministry of Defense.

Two healthy sons, the two sons of the army, have come back to life as a disgraceful body to live with their suffering all their lives, and the cure is also based on the fact that by obtaining a complex syndrome of pain (CRPS), one of the rare intractable diseases, In November 2014, when his eldest son, Jang Jin-hwon (24), joined his army in March 2014, his second son, Jung Jin-soo (23, ) Enlisted in this county.

After enlistment in the military, his eldest son Jin-hyeon joined the Nonsan Training Camp in November 2014, and was injured in his knee as he fell in the waiting room for five minutes on May 10, 2015, when he worked for the 1st Army Corps in Goyang City. . At this time, my knee was cracked, but I put on a piece of parson and injected only analgesic. I did not make any effort to repair my injured knee with a comprehensive diagnosis. During this time, the pain of his eldest son Jin-hong was getting deeper and deeper in the army. In July of the same year, his older son eventually missed the treatment due to his lack of proper treatment after his knee was injured, resulting in a CRPS, a rarity intractable disease caused by a broken circuit in the brain.

CRPS (CRPS) is a chronic (lasting greater than six months) pain condition that often affects one limb (arm, leg, hand, or foot) The central nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system is involved in the signaling from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. Prolonged or excessive pain and changes in skin color, temperature, and / or swelling in the affected area.

If, after the accident, they had looked at symptoms and treated them well instead of Paz at the beginning, these two young men would have been proud of their families as being faithful sons faithful to their military duties. However, Jinshin and Jinsol are now suffering from extreme pain and unable to live without a painkiller for a day. The pain signal system sent from the brain and vertebrae to the nerve cells can not function, and the skin color changes according to the wound area. It is swollen, swollen, and pain is an illness that makes you feel stinging like a stabbing needle.

His second son joined the army in 2015 and was marching in March at the Nonsan Training Center. He fell on the stones and fractured his nose and suffered a knee injury. Jinsol group did not have a comprehensive diagnosis, and because of the inability to treat at the time, the condition gradually deteriorated and eventually it was diagnosed as CRPS.

The Justice Department’s Defense Reform Committee said, “The military doctors who are in charge of the two brothers said that they can not be treated at military hospitals, so they should send consignment care to private hospitals, but the ROK military hospital did not allow the consignments to be sent because there is no budget.”

My mother, Yoo Sun-mi, told me in the interview with the Cory Daily that “Jinhwon and Jinsool both have been burdening us since 2015,” while in the case of Jinhwon, Was mislabeled and bruised, “he added.
The problem is that the Ministry of National Defense (MND) has received free medical treatment at the ROK military capital unified hospital after the accident in May 2015, but has not allowed free medical treatment until February 2017.

As of 2015, the cost of medical treatment is paid by the parents at their own expense, and the pain relief surgery performed at the private hospital is 15 million won so far, and the spinal nerve stimulator insertion which alleviates the pain also costs 5 million won per person. According to the Justice Department’s Defense Reform Team, “the family is paying 25 million won out of the 45 million won for treatment.

The family is said to be suffering from serious living because of the medical expenses. My father does not have the right to receive hospital treatment even though he has a problem with his back. He goes to work with his diaper. Does his mother nurse his two sons? Suddenly his daughter gets sick and nurses a daughter who is not eating food. .

In the past three years, her life as a nursing home has become difficult as it has been difficult for her to have a nursing home, and even her mother, Yoo Seon-mi, has seen a yellowish appearance on her face for a while. Her blood vessels are becoming narrower, Said. After the close examination, if the result is good, it should receive the vascular procedure.

The Pentagon says it is responsible for the full cost of the treatment and has not yet implemented it. So far, two brothers are said to be operating costs and treatment costs of tens of thousands of won. And the more serious problem is asking for the emptying of the sickness at the Korean army ‘ Of course, they do not want to give pain medication to Jin-hyeon who can not stand day without analgesic.

The state has a duty to treat and manage all diseases that arise in the military. We must pay full attention to the treatment of Brother Jinshin and Jinsol, and the Ministry of Defense should pay the full amount of the treatment fee, and also try to treat and compensate for future disability. And most of all, at the army hospital operated by the state, the Ministry of Defense cures the two young men who are suffering from an unbelievable illness that may be recovered when they are suffering from an unimaginable illness. You must give.

Please do not let the state and the Ministry of National Defense ignore your family. The existence of a family depends on the state. I want you to be a country that saves your family, you can trust and depend on the people.


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